The Impacts Of Child Soldiers In The Late 1900's

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One day I was told a story of something horrible. My Grandmother told me a story about her mom’s childhood. The reason why it was so sad is, that she grew up in the times where children her age were getting pulled away from their families to be a child soldier. It was hard for her, she described it as something her mom would remember forever because her own best friend his family barely had money in order to gain very little money, they sent her away to be a child soldier. However, my grandmother was only so young she didn’t know how to fend for herself so she had to learn. Moreover, I couldn’t relate to what my great grandmother went through.After hearing this I read articles about child soldiers. I came across two articles “Armed & Underaged” by Jeffrey Gettleman plus “The Charge: Genocide” by Lydia Polgreen.I can tell justice will never be done for anyone in the late 1900’s through the early 2000’s. I know this because there was the killing of certain ethnic groups. Also, people weren’t paid for certain jobs they worked for. For these reasons, some disagree and say justice was done for everyone during the late 1900’s through the early 2000’s. When we get into the articles you will see why I chose this claim, that was proven in both articles. To start off, there was never any justice done for the kids who were child soldiers because people weren’t paid for certain jobs they did because of their age. This idea was supported in the article “Armed & Underaged” by

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