Hana Brady's Life During The Holocaust

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Holocaust Essay During the holocaust there is one thing everyone looked forward to, going back home. Today's Society takes for granted the fact that most people come home to a warm bed, meal, and electronics. During the Holocaust, many children, including Hana Brady, were taken from their families and moved to concentration camps for one reason, they were jews. This movement by the Nazis, an attempt to kill a whole religion is called genocide (Dictionary). During the holocaust, many lives were lost. Some of these lives won't be remembered, yet the ones that remain are here to remind the world of the evil in segregation. Before the war, most of the children and family lived normal lives. For one girl, life seemed extra bright before the…show more content…
During her life we get to see the effects segregation and war can have on children in our country and around the world. Before the war hana was just the same as children today, but when segregation took her family away she started to change and was forced to mature and grow up faster then any child should. Her home was destroyed and her life was chaotic and in the end she didn't even get the honor of keeping her life. Some of the small things we take for granted today in america are just being able to walk outside without people pointing at us, telling us to go back inside, or saying we don't belong just because we are different from them. Hanas life shows us the importance of treating each other with kindness and love. Separation between peoples is horrible and shouldn't be allowed in our free country, America. Even though horrible things like this have been happening around the world on of the main things we should take it for is a learning lesson. Segregation is horrible. People should be equal. War is awful. These are the main things people can learn from gruesome events in history. Use these things and make our country the way it should be, The Land Of The
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