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The Disputation of A Life A Raisin in the Sun is a play set during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s. where Walter and his family, a Southside Chicago black family, face many conflicts relating to the various issues that black families suffered during that time. Poverty, poor living conditions, sterotypes, racial inequality, and a general human desire to rise above struggle are the central focus of all the conflicts between the characters in the play. The Younger family consist of Walter Younger, his wife Ruth, and their son travis, share a residence with Lena Younger (Mama) Walters’ mother and his sister Bennie. Lenas irritability in cramped spaces, Ruth’s discovery of an extra child on the way, Benny’s desire to fulfill her dreams, and Walters entrepreneurial spirit are brought to light and fight when Lena Younger finds out she is due to inherit $10,000 from her late husbands insurance policy. Lena, lovingly reffered to as Mama throughout the play, she takes $3,500 and put it towards the downpayment of a fine house in the all white neighborhood of Clyborne Park, so that her daughter-in-law Ruth does not have to abort her second child. She also plans to put $3,000 …show more content…

He wants to take all $10,000 dollars and use it to open a liquor store with his friends Willy Harris and Bobo. His mother doesnt really agree with his ideas but hands him the $6,5000 left over after the downpayment. She tells him to put $3,000 of it into savings for his sister Benny so that she can finish college and become a doctor, and tells him that he is free to do what he thinks benifits his family most. Instead of adhearing to his mother’s wishes, he gives the money to Willy Harris for the business venture. Willy then stabs his friend in the back when he runs off with not only Walter’s cash but his dreams as well. Walter having found out what happened to his money then goes to the bar to drown his loss with

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