Motivation In Social Care Practice

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Motivation leads to achievements, most of the time when we have a zeal or goal to a life time career, we need a motivational force to achieve that goal. In this assignment I will be looking into what motivated me in studying social care practice. I will also highlight some theories that apply to my interest. I will also discuss how my beliefs and values have sharpened my personal and professional development and how this belief system fit with the ethical framework in social care practice. Motivation is a drive and wants that direct behaviour toward a goal. Arnold, Cooper and Robertson (1998) discuss motivation as what drives individual choice of what to do, how hard to try, and how long to keep trying. Cited in (MacDonagh. J, Linehan.…show more content…
He argues that the desire to flourish is evident from the fact that we have natural desires to satisfy our physical and social needs. He went further to say that our behaviour is directed toward achieving these desire, this makes behaviour teleological and always directed toward achieving goal, this reflect to me. I felt that social care profession will be good for me because I am an outgoing person and like meeting new people no matter their background. My need to feel self-actualized drove me to study social care practice, allowing me to develop knowledge and interpersonal skills that will qualify me to become social care practitioner. (Cited in Charleton, M. 2014 p.…show more content…
Empathic solidarity applies to me because I am a very empathetic person. Although Sarah Banks believes that empathy on its own is not enough, that it needs to lead to the development of a sense of solidarity and commitment to collective action for social change. she went further and said that empathic solidarity require abilities of critical analysis and a hopeful attitude which involves viewing the bigger picture, questioning received ideas and seeing the possibility for another kind of world. This is where I need more interpersonal skills because there are more to the skills I thought I already had”. (Banks, S. 2012 p.
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