A Reflection Of Motivation In Social Care Practice

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Motivation leads to achievements, most of the time when we have a zeal or goal to a life time career, we need a motivational force to achieve that goal. In this assignment I will be looking into what motivated me in studying social care practice. I will also highlight some theories that apply to my interest. I will also discuss how my beliefs and values have sharpened my personal and professional development and how this belief system fit with the ethical framework in social care practice. Motivation is a drive and wants that direct behaviour toward a goal. Arnold, Cooper and Robertson (1998) discuss motivation as what drives individual choice of what to do, how hard to try, and how long to keep trying. Cited in (MacDonagh. J, Linehan. C, Weldridge. R 2002, P. 83). I was motivated to study social care practice due to my desire in assisting and helping people who are less advantage. Completing a level 5 and 6 childcare, with special needs assistant, I realised that my passion is in supporting the most vulnerable people of the society. Through work placement, I discovered my passion for social care practice while working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), although massively challenging but also satisfying. While in Green-hills College of continuous education we had a career day to encourage students who desire to further education to attain a degree. During this section, I had great insight into social care practice and triggered my motivation to seek

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