A Rhetorical Analysis: Bluetooth In Cars

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Have you ever been driving and wanted to listen to music from your iphone or music device rather than the radio, but had no way to connect your phone? Well Ford has introduced Bluetooth in their entire line of cars to help individuals who want to listen to their music in their car, connect hassle free. I found this ad when searching the internet, and it appears to be from a magazine which gives clues that this ad is a little old. In this ad people looking to listen to their own music rather than radio in their car are the intended audience. Ford here is trying to convince them to buy a Ford vehicle because they can provide this luxury. After looking at this ad even with very little shown on the ad still conveys Ethos, Logos, and Pathos very well.
The purpose of this text is to persuade people to buy a Ford vehicle because they come with Bluetooth built in. This is supported by the pairs of headphones in knots on the advertisement. Making you remember pulling a tangled pair of headphones out to listen to music in your car, but not being able to because your headphones were in a knot.
The intended audience for this piece of rhetoric is individuals looking for a way to connect their music to their cars speakers
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There are three pieces of ethos that really stood out to me and these are them. First the fact that Bluetooth and Ford are shown to have made a business deal. To support this down in the bottom right hand corner text, it says every new Ford comes equipped with Bluetooth thus pairing these two big brands. Second Bluetooth also has their trademark in the bottom left hand corner further adding to the authenticity. Third was the use of Apple cables to show the knots in headphones to get Ford's point across. The professionalism shown in this ad also made the intended point clear making the credibility of this ad very

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