A Rhetorical Analysis Of Thomas Paines Crisis No. 1 Speech

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“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” Before Thomas Paine proposed to fight against the British, the colonists were already under stressful situations such as; taxes, unjust acts/laws, and the British army seeming more intimidating due to the sheer numbers. For Thomas Paines Crisis No. 1 speech, he primarily resorts to ethos, logos, and pathos as ways to appeal the colonists from his own personal experience and to attract the feelings about America from the colonists which evidently urges the colonists to fight for it.
Thomas Paine utilizes both ethos and logos for the more ethical (personal experience) and logical (rhetoric) approach towards a waning situation suchlike the American Revolution. As an colonist/American, Thomas Paine knows that the upcoming war will be inevitable, therefore he tries his best to persuade the other colonists to fight by logically appealing to their senses. “America did not, nor does not want force; but she wanted a proper application of that force.” (Crisis No. 1). Thomas Paine is trying to stress that America, through ways of diplomacy does not want any harm towards her/the colonists but the British will persist and in a matter of time, ready or not, America will be forced to fight. Due to there being an upcoming war, the colonists were still split on Summer time soldiers and sunny patriots, both will only fight when it's a good “weathered” situation. The previous quote mentioned will affect everyone residing in the colonists because if there isn't …show more content…

All in all, the colonists and everybody should make sacrifices for better or for worse. The quote is a prime example of how some colonists saw this situation as something small but as it gradually grew, it became similar to a widespread epidemic,

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