A Separate Peace Conflict

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A Separate Peace is a novel written by John Knowles. Most of the novel is set a Devon Preparatory School. The book is in the middle of World War. Gene is the protagonist, he is introverted and dark hearted. He is friends with Finny, who is extroverted and good. Gene gets jealous of Finny and pushes him out of a tree and breaks his legs. Later in the book Finny dies from having bone marrow block his heart. All while the the war is going on is the background. The war affected the boys negatively because it put too much stress on them to serve their country, it caused many of the people they knew to die horrible deaths, and it can scar them for life. The boys at the time of the war were put under plenty of stress because everyone said that they …show more content…

The main example of the is a Separate Peace is Gene’s friend Finny dies, he was killed when some bone marrow blocked his heart. This deeply affects Gene. this is seen when he goes back to the school fifteen years later to get over what happened to Finny. 3 percent of Americans that went in WW2 died. So if someone goes to war there is large chance that some that they know will die, especially if they are in the infantry. The Experience of fighting and being in the war can scar someone for life. Leper goes crazy after he enlist. Before, he was quiet and kept to himself. But when Gene came to see him at his house, he is more boisterous, and unpredictable, his bubble about how the war is patriotic is gone and he see what the war is like. It affected gene as well because his friend died because of him. Fighting in a war can affect someone greatly, seeing people ripped apart by explosions. That can cause some scar people reality of the world and that can stay with them for life. In A Separate Peace two boys, Gene and FInny, and their conflict with each other. The boy at devon were greatly affected by the war. Finny dies, Leper, Gene’s friend, goes crazy, and Gene has to deal with the fact that he killed Finny. The boys have to deal with everyone telling them to fight for the country. They also have to see people die around them. The wa also scar the boys for life, like Leper and

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