What Is The Most Important Quotes From Fallen Angels

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People back home were naive to the actions that were being taken in Vietnam because they were lacking in communication. In the novel “Fallen Angels” you can tell that the soldiers were very timid with what they said in their letters that were sent back home. Most letters sent back home were about the little things that brought them joy like playing games with kids. Not many actually said they went into battle or fought in a bullet parade. They would ask them what it's really like over there because they could see what was happening on TV, but media blocked a lot of reality from the war and the graphic effects. When Richie would write home, he would avoid any questions about the war by asking about things at home and just brushing them off. Not only were the parents and family at home concerned they wanted to know what was happening to their boys. In the book you can feel the agony their families felt, not knowing what they were going through across seas. …show more content…

When Richie and Peewee left the squad and made it up the hill, they stuck close and were holding hands. When they were stuck in the spider hole and Peewee was hurt Richie wasn’t going to leave him behind, or even if it meant they both died at least they were together. Another example is, when Monaco and Peewee got the chopper and Monaco helped Peewee getting on.That isn't the only time you see loyalty. Although Gearhart and Johnson disliked each other, they still fought together as one to bring the enemy down. Clearly, the only struggle these complete strangers had with each other didn't stop them from coming together as one to save each

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