Vietnam War Social Issue Analysis

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Social Issue-Vietnam War
Cost of Vietnam
The Vietnam War that took place between the dates of 1959-1975 changed Americans culture. 58, 000 Americans died America spent 111 billion dollars on the war, according to the Department of Defense. Mr. Frenchy watched his brother, cousins, and acquaintances join the war efforts against communism. Likewise, he participated by joining the army. Not only did this give Mr. Frenchy a reason for leaving New York, but this also posed as an opportunity to stop selling and using drugs. Vietnam operates as a paradox in the minds of Americans. There were those who fought, were injured and died for America.
Effects of Vietnam
Then you have those who were against the war. The broadcasting of the war on television acted a lens to the homes in America. This only heightened the protest against the status quo, war, authority, and the government. During this time, there was the civil unrest between the races, equality, and privilege, but lastly, the young Americans and older generation were at polar ends of the spectrum. Mental Illness Inability to Serving
Mr. Frenchy being raised in violence and his navigation towards war seems reasonable and very likely. During a time when people were drafted to fight, Mr. Frenchy volunteered. As a revolutionary that carried a weapon during his time …show more content…

Frenchy used racial epithets two options came up. The first choice was to terminate the interview. The second option was to apply this as a teaching moment. This was a personal challenge for me, as the word conjured up many emotional events. Listening to this interviewee’s life story made me aware of his experiences, and how environment shapes one 's thoughts, language, and actions. Meeting Mr. Frenchy where he was mentally, challenged me. Yet, an opportunity arose to infuse my own thoughts. The opportunity to use the moment became more important than my own feelings. So teaching about the hurt, passion, and pain behind the epithet was

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