Mama Went To Jail For The Vote: Character Analysis

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Loyalty or justice? Which would you choose? Loyalty means to stay true to the people you love and helping them no matter what. While justice means to stay on the law side, you choose to stay out of trouble. If your friend killed someone, like in the book The Outsiders, would you help them run away or turn them in. Ponyboy decided to be loyal and help his friend Johnny after he killed a Soc. Even though Mama went to jail for striking, Susan Elizabeth stayed loyal to her and kept her campaign running while Mama was in jail. And Logan was loyal to Miles, Daisy and (sometimes) Phillip and Daisy, Miles and Phillip were loyal to Logan no matter what was in their past so they can all save the the candy business. Now that is loyalty. But the real question …show more content…

Her mother always stood in front of the white house and always marched parades with other women to show the people that they are unhappy. Susan Elizabeth wanted to help her mother so she always helped out by holding signs. One day Mama was sent to jail. Susan Elizabeth wanted the cause to keep on going but her father forbid. But Susan Elizabeth refused and stood outside the White house everyday. The president, Woodrow Wilson, noticed Susan Elizabeth he heard her out and decided to think about what she said. Soon her mother was out of jail and women had the same rights as men. “Mama was willing to go to jail and take her punishment even when a police officer offered to let her go. She was staying loyal to her cause-the right to vote for women.” “Susan Elizabeth always stood by her mom and supported her cause. SHe made posters, banners. She stood outside the WHite house, even when her mother went to jail.” “She supported her mom despite what her father believed.” These statements explained that no matter what happened Mama and Susan Elizabeth stayed loyal to the vote despite what the father, the government, or the president said. They would keep on fighting for the their beliefs to stay loyal to the women of America and to stay loyal to their

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