A Summary Of Tupac Shakur's Liberty Needs Glasses

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“Liberty Needs Glasses”

In Tupac Shakur’s “Liberty Needs Glasses,” The use of organization and concrete details reveals both a literal and metaphorical meaning, both which provide insight into the title.
The poem is organized into 2 stanzas with 17 lines in total.The first stanza consist of * lines. The speaker is The author, Tupac, and his views are on how the system of the united states are corrupt and racist. From the title we get a dose of metaphorical meaning. He starts this poem of by saying “Liberty Needs Glasses” and giving the reader an idea that this poem may be on how liberty is is blind in the eyes of Tupac. Concrete details like “justice bumped into mutulu” and “ trippin on geronimo pratt” shows us readers that the blinded Mrs. Justice got the two African Americans [Mutulu Tupac’s stepfather, and Geronimo Tupac’s godfather] got very harsh sentences like Geronimo spending 27 years in prison and 8 of them being in solitary confinement. But when it came to Oliver and his crooked …show more content…

It states that “ justice stubbed her big toe on mandela” meaning that Mandela [Nelson Mandela] was an object that was there but we all know that stubbing your toe doesn't stop you from continuing to walk and that's what justice did it continued its path of destruction moving on blindly. Tupac also states “slavery was the learning phase / forgotten with out a verdict/ while justice is still on a rampage/ 4 endangering surviving black males” Slavery was made illegal in the United States with no reparation taken. Tupac says there are no verdicts on slavery, meaning justice has not been served for the 400 years of imprisonment suffered by black people. Also in this quote it makes you picture justice as being some type of predator out hunting for the black males. Tupac also says that surviving black males are endangered. While this may not be entirely true i believe he means that blacks are getting sent to prison more than any other

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