All The Rage, By Courtney Summers

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Courtney Summers, author of the book All The Rage, writes about some of the issues that teens face on a daily basis. She writes about Romy Grey and the problems that she faces in her life. Throughout the novel Romy struggles with recurring memories and visions of the time she is raped. She endures the pain and suffering of it everyday. To make things worse no one in her town believes that she was raped. As a result, she loses many of her friends and starts isolating herself from the rest of the society. As the book progresses Summers reveals that one of Romy’s former friends, Penny Young, is missing. Later in the book we find out that they find her body in a river. This adds to the emotional stress that Romy is going through because Penny was once her best friend. Summers is trying to teach her audience that coping is not easy and without help from others it can lead to depression and mental illnesses. After the …show more content…

Her boyfriend, Leon, notices that she is acting strange and tells her to get help from a therapist. Romy, being the stubborn person that she is, refuses to get help from a professional. The lack of trust that she has in people that want to help her, causes her to feel a lack of belonging. “‘I only want what’s best for you… I am not telling you to see a therapist because I think you are crazy, I am concerned about you’”(Summers 208). Leon tells Romy that he cares for her and only wants what is best for her. Romy responds to him by shutting herself out from the world. Summers presents her readers with the idea that coping cannot be done without help from others. Romy does not yet understand that she cannot do it on her own so she declines help from everyone around her and this leads to psychological problems like depression. Since Romy fails to get help from a therapist, she falls deeper into depression and begins to separate from the

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