Aboriginals In Canada

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Aboriginals Count for 30% and 4% in society in Canada

Aboriginals are the first people to have ever lived in North America and lived quite peacefully before they were colonized by Europeans around the late 1400. Though they were the first people to live in this country they have very little representation in today’s society. Many aboriginals tend to live on Reserves which are little patches of land given to the aboriginal people. This is where they can hunt and raise their family’s. While others live in upper Canada like the north west territories. They tend to face racism and judgement against them. In the areas they live there are very little schools and education. With most aboriginal teens falling into drugs and Alcohol and out of …show more content…

These kids were forced to be Christian and learn English forgetting their native tongue and religion. These children lived in horrible conditions and where physically, mentally and sexually abused. Around 3000 children died in their care. When they were sent back home at the end of school these children had a hard time relating with their parent and family’s. They could not even talk to their parents because they had a different language. Things like this resulted in depression and even suicide. Many of those students had a hard time coping with the trauma they endured. This type of damage was hard for them to come back from. Although Canada apologized for their mistreatment of Aboriginals. Many turned to drinking and drugs after this trying to block the past and trying to to relive it as often and this is why many don’t speak about the past and what was done to them. This affects the new generations as well because they then what there parents are doing and tend to follow. This ends in these aboriginal people getting put in jail for various things like drug position, public …show more content…

Many of the aboriginal children can't get to university because they are having trouble with the middle school and high school and don’t have anyone to guide them. Others have trouble living on the reserves granted by the government because there is usually barley any meat to hunt and land to grow food on and turn to illegal activities to be able to buy food and shelter. An example of a very neglected community is where most aboriginals in Ontario live which is Gull Bay (first nation reserve) Ontario where they can't even drink the water that homes from their taps and drugs and alcohol are prevalent in these areas. There are also a lack of jobs in the areas the aboriginal people live in. This all contributes to the large numbers of first nations people in Canadian Jails. Why should they follow the law when the Canadian government does not look after them and help them as a

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