Abortion: A Victim Of Illness By Roberto Ramos

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Marta Rodriguez is a victim of rape and impregnate by Roberto Ramos. Marta wants to get an abortion because she does not want to have the child. She tells Candelario and Chayo, “It’s right because Roberto did this when I did not want it.” (Benitez, 8). Candelario suggest that he will take care of the child, since he and Chayo did not have any children. Candelario 's offering make Marta decide to keep the baby. She says, “I will hate the child less if you raise it.” (Benitez, 9). When Candelario and Chayo learn that Chayo is pregnant, they are no longer willing to raise Marta’s unborn baby because they cannot take care both of the child. Marta is feeling desperate, but still she is being forced by Chayo and Candelario to keep her child and she

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