Persuasive Essay About Abortion

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The heartbeat of an unborn child slowly ceases, and the life leaves the body and Earth because of a mother’s alternative. “Abortion is the early end of a pregnancy” (Gale, 2016). It is a decision a pregnant mother makes, deciding whether or not to keep her unborn child. Abortion is legal in the United States and has taken a spiraling decline in the abortion rate. Dating back to 1500 B.C., many women wishing to end unwanted pregnancies would do things like fast, deleterious exercise, and consume harmful substances to induce abortion. This controversial topic, abortion,has taken many drastic turns over the years in different cultures, religions, and countries. In the American abortion debate lies the Pro-life Movement and the Pro-choice Movement. People involved in the Pro-life Movement strongly believe that abortion is equal to murder, whereas the people involved in the …show more content…

The three solutions to preventing abortion includes the following: foster care and adoption, the abortion pill reversal, and retaining the child. Although there are many benefits to the three listed solutions, they also come with many disadvantages. Nurturing a child, and even supporting a family is a costly, tedious struggle that many women feel are not ready to deal with. Their main solution to preventing the life of a tired, hard-working mother is abortion. Abortion has been in existence since around 1500 B.C. abd has taken a drastic turn in society. The abortion rate in America has decreased, which leaves this worldwide controversy on a higher note than it began with. The number of abortions worldwide is gradually decreasing, but the problem is there are still millions of children perishing in the womb because of their mother’s decision. Because of a mother’s choice to go through with an abortion, a child’s spirit leaves the body, which sparks society’s feud which is this: pro-life and pro-choice; to erase a heartbeat or save a

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