Abraham Lincoln Dbq

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Abraham Lincoln
“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come”

This quote comes from Abraham Lincoln, found on page 53, from the week of November 21, in our Rufus King agenda. Abraham Lincoln was a president and a leader in the Union during the Civil War. He helped end slavery and help freed slaves. Abraham Lincoln had a wonderful sense of humor. He was depressed in some periods in his life. He was autodidact (self-taught). He had fought in the civil war before and had built-up the United States. He helped carried all the non-slaveholding states except New Jersey. He was a person who had a goal. He had a goal to stop slavery and he did stop slavery. The quote up above means to me that if you are prepared or have a goal, “someday” you’ll achieve it. His experience and work that he had done, shows dedication to two of the IB traits; Abraham Lincoln was a risk-taker and a thinker. …show more content…

He helped fought the Civil War even though he could have been assassinated (well, he did get assassinated though). He helped many people. He was a brave person that played an important role in the Thirteenth Amendment. He signed the Homestead Act, (which declared that any citizen could claim 160 acres of government land) Morrill Act, (Provided each state with 30,000 acres of land for each member in their Congressional delegation) and the National Banking Act (which created the National Banking

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