How Did The Great Awakening Change America?

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In any new nation there must be a sense of government and law. In this new nation, America, government and law came from one place, the church. There was nothing separating church from state until a strange occurrence started happening and this was called “The Great Awakening”. It was not started by anybody with strong political ties or money. This was coming from the average people of this new land of America and wanted to make a change and that is what they did. Early America can show what it was like before the Great Awakening, see who and how it was changing America and the result of what America came to be with the Great Awakening. It is the nearing the end of the colonial era. Colonies have been established along the east coast of …show more content…

In some of these churches from Virginia to Georgia few people would attend or pay attention to the guidelines in these churches supported by colonial taxes and even the slaves were barred from entering these churches (Findling 47). With these issues there would be a need for change and this change would be called “The Great Awakening”. George Whitefield would be one of the first people that would lead the Great Awakening that would change America. George Whitefield came from England to America with the knowledge of Methodism and German pietism in 1739. With the knowledge that he had and the way he was able to move people emotionally with his voice and to what he had to say he was invited to churches from Georgia to New England. With his opportunity to be able to travel around America and reaching to so many people at a time he was able to bring the Great Awakening on a national scale especially in the 1740s. In the late 1730s people were getting sick and dying of a diphtheria epidemic. It had killed perhaps as many as 20,000 people, including many children, died of the then mysterious “throat distemper” (Findling 47). During

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