Julius Ceaser Vs Abraham Lincoln

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Julius Ceaser and Abraham Lincoln are without a doubt two men who made an impact on history through governing their own nations. When comparing the two, one very significant comparison to be made is their assassination. Comparing the two shows both differences and similarities. Although in either case they were both killed by someone who was threatened by their authority. The life of Abraham Lincoln Is comparable to that of Julius Ceaser in many ways, and while unique similarities do exist there are also distinct differences between the two. Julius Ceaser was a notable author of latin prose, Lincoln was an orator. Both were leaders, and even in today's era are typically seen are heroes. Both had ridiculous amounts of power, and push behind …show more content…

Born in Kentucky, February 12, 1809. Lincoln made an unsuccessful run for the Illinois legislature in 1832. He ran again in 1834, 1836, and 1840 and won every time. He was a member of the wig party until 1836 when he became a Republican. He also becomes a lawyer in 1836. In 1846 he ran for the Washington house of representatives and won. He was known in Washington for his opposition to the Mexican war and slavery. He was eventually elected president of the united states, he led the Union army in the Civil war and gave many great historical speeches. He abolished slavery in 1863 with the emancipation proclamation. April 14, 1865, Lincoln was shot and killed in the fordes theater by John Wilkes Booth; a man who disagreed with Lincolns movements. So While both seemed to have very strong leadership skills, they both drastically changed their nations; and both were killed by men who felt threatened by their power. There were great differences, although both men did do some amount of good, Lincoln has no doubt went down in history as a hero, where on the other hand whether Ceaser was a tyrant or a hero is slightly undetermined. But they both did, in fact, change their small part of the world

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