Abraham Lincoln The Best President Essay

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Best United States President
The Unites States of America has been served by forty-three presidents so far. A good number of them were competent leaders who performed and were behind the ever-developing economy in the United States, good structure of leadership has also been the backbone of success in the country. However, the best among all the presidents that served the United States is Abraham Lincoln. This research paper hence has explained in detailed form why Abraham Lincoln performed more compared to the other president of the United States. (Pederson, William 57)
I believe that Abraham Lincoln should be ranked first among the other leaders of the US. He has born from a humble family and worked his way to become the 16th President in 1860. He faced some obstacles when he was the president, however, due to his prowess in leadership he was able to overcome them by undertaking some changes that existed in the society and made the United States a better compared to other places. (Knudson, Jerry 103) Among his great developments as the president was the establishment of the US Department of Agriculture and others that included Homestead Act and Thanksgiving, he also brought great developments in higher education and led to resolving of the Civil War.
Lincoln signed the Homestead Act in 1862. This resulted in the government giving away lands to …show more content…

Abraham had developed an interest in mechanics; this was a trait that he received from his father. Lincoln focused on working on what he had invented in the year 1848 while he was in Congress, he would conduct lectures that were based on inventions before him becoming the president later on. His major invention was his design for lifting boats over shoals; this made him receive the patent in the year 1849, making him the only President with the patent for his invention. This device was however not used, and it is located in Smithsonian Institution. (Pederson, William

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