A Bad President: Abraham Lincoln: A Bad President

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Abraham Lincoln; a Bad President
Intelligent, beloved, caring, motivated, honest. All words many Americans associate with our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Very few people are bold or valiant enough to openly speak out against the president. Their arguments consist mainly of the fact he “emancipated” the slaves. However, Lincoln did not do this. Lincoln 's Emancipation Proclamation did not include border States such as Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and others.Although beloved by many, Lincoln caused the war between the states, a conflict which more than 600,000 Americans were killed, made many unconstitutional decisions, and behaved as a dictator, rather than a president.
On January 21st, 1861, Jefferson Davis gave his farewell address to the United States Senate following South Carolina’s and Mississippi’s secession from the United States. Throughout his speech, Davis continually reiterated the fact that all states had the right to seceed. Later, in his inaugural address to the Confederate States of America, Davis stated that the Confederate States “want peace” with the United States. Following the speech, the Confederate States of America took no extra military appropriations. Lincoln’s fellow cabinet members advised Lincoln to leave the Confederate States of America alone. The North had no reason to fear any rebellion against them.
So why did Abraham Lincoln call for 75,000 troops to “defend the Union”? Not only did he call for these troops, but Lincoln also dispatched

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