Absolutism And Fascism Similarities

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, ideology is a word that roots in late 18th century France, and defined as “A system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.” (Angus, Pearsall, and Hanks, 869) This means that ideology is structures of ideas that are specifically foundation for different political and economic theories; for example, socialism and environmentalism are ideologies. Disregard the fact that the word ideology was rooted from 18th century there were still political theories and policies before late 18th century. One of the political ideas that modern day people consider as ideology is Absolutism from 1589 to 1725. Absolutism is an ideology suggests one absolute monarch …show more content…

Fascism is ideology which often uses totalitarianism and nationalism methods. The fascist leaders made people are the subject to the government, and limit the independency of the people, in order to gain the better for the nation. This is somehow similar to absolutism of western Europe during 17th and 18th century. Absolutism had given the monarch absolute power to rule over people, while fascism had given the leader and the nation the power to rule over the people of the state. Moreover, fascism had denied the democratic parliament system, and had only allowed the “elite” to rule over the country. This was similar to absolutism, as absolutism also only allows the “chosen” kings with divine rights to rule. Even though there are some similarities between fascism and absolutism, there are also differences. The main difference is the object of the authority. Absolutism gives all the power to the one and only monarch of the country. However, in the country that has fascism movement, the authority is on the government and the nation, even though there is a dictator. This means that even though if the dictator wants to do something, they should make sure that they have any reasons that would help the nation. Another ideology, communism is different from absolutism. In communism point of view, there should be no class separation between people, and all people are equal. This is the biggest difference between absolutism and communism, as absolutism suggests that there is an absolute monarch that has been chosen by the god to rule over the state. This directly denies the class concept of communism. Furthermore, while absolutism is a political ideology, communism is an economical ideology. Thus, absolutism is more similar to fascism than

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