Ada Lovelace, The Enchantress Of Numbers

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Ada Lovelace, the Enchantress of Numbers, is known as a mathematician and the first female computer programmer. She was also an English writer, taking after her father, Lord George Gordon Byron, who was a famous poet. Ada Lovelace lived a short life, filled with unfortunate circumstances, but in that time she made advances in computer science that no one ever had before. Augusta Ada Byron, later known as Ada Lovelace, was born in London on December 10th, 1815 ( Her parents separated only five weeks after Ada was born because of their relationship issues and overall differences. Ada’s mother, Lady Anne Isabella Milbanke Byron, was given full custody of her ( Ada’s father then left England and died in Greece eight years later ( She never saw her father again and never knew him. This is only one example of the unfortunate circumstances in Ada’s life. Although Ada never knew her father, she shared her childhood with her mother. Ada’s fortunate upbringing shaped her into the smart young woman who made incredible advances in computer science. At a young age, Ada's mother insisted on Ada being tutored in advanced subjects like mathematics …show more content…

Later in her life, Ada became involved in gambling and even tried to use math to help her win. Her ideas failed and put her in financial trouble and major debt (Shen55). Close to this same time, she had been diagnosed with uterine cancer. As she was dying, Ada told her husband about the gambling and debt that she was responsible for. It is unknown if that information or something else that Ada confessed to her husband is the reason behind his leaving, but nonetheless, William left her side days before her death in London on November 27, 1852 ( Ada was thirty-six years old when she died, the same age that her father was when he

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