Addiction In The Veldt

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The advanced technology in the home is to blame for the parent’s deaths because, it got the parents and kids too addicted. In The Veldt by Ray Bradbury, it takes place in a future year and in a all technology house, and the main characters are parents George and Lydia and their kids Wendy and Peter. The kids start spending way too much time in the nursery that had VR built into the ceiling and the walls, the kids made an african VR andit had lions thst would and their parents start to worry. The parents try to help their kids get out of their technology addiction. The advanced technology in the home is to blame for the parent’s deaths. This first started to show in the text when, the parents shut off the technology and the kids had a hissy fit they wanted the technology to stay on. One of the kids named Peter said, "Don 't let them switch off the nursery and the house.”. This proves that the advanced technology in the home is to blame for the parent’s deaths because the children didn’t want the parents to turn the technology off and were whining and crying showing that, it got the parents and the kids way …show more content…

A big problem in the Veldt is, How do parents and kids stop themselves from getting too addicted to technology. Computer game should only be played after you do important work, such as, cleaning, homework, special projects ect. Also, even if you’re busy don’t use technology to keep kids away from you for too long, better yet, not at all, get them a friend to play with, a board game, says techaddiction. I agree with this because if everyone just played technology all day no one would go to school, no one would go to college, job, money, house, all gone, and all of the people just playing on technology would become obese and ill, have to go to the hospital, but since no one went to school and collage, no one would be a doctor and everyone would die! Because the children in The Veldt were doing this and that’s why they got addicted to technology in the first

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