The Theme Of The Veldt And Asimov Comes To Their Exploration Of Human Condition

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Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov present similarities and differences when it comes to their exploration of human condition within their science fiction short stories. Two short stories amongst these are Bradbury’s The Veldt and Asimov’s Liar. The Veldt chooses to explore the human condition through the means of addiction to technology. Whereas Liar chooses to explor the idea by exmplyfing it through the use of the dangers of artificial intelligence. Both stories essentially come to the same conclusion, however with different means of conveying it. Both authors explore human condition by similarly representing their themes, plots and characters. The depiction within “The Veldt” illustrates how our dependence on technology can to a decline in our abilities …show more content…

This theme of the dangers of technolog is the overarching theme of the story. The story expresses this theme through many of its dialogue scenes. One such dialogue is “But I throught that”s why we bought this house, so we wouldnt have to do anything?” (Bradbury, 1950, p3). By asking “Why” they had to do something demonstrates that their dependence on technology has lead to the ineptitude in doing basic tasks. Thus indicating the negative effects of technology. The second literary device used is the plot. The plot starts with the parents letting their children use the virtual reality room. To which they get addicted to it. When their parents take it away from them, the children begin to resent the parents. Which leads to them murdering their parents. This plot structure drives the idea that overuse of technology can lead to a negative impact on the users. These negative impacts being, addiction and violence. This Again reiterates the idea of the dangers of technology. There are 5 characters within the story, these being the two parents, the two children and the therapist. The two parents in particular are used in the story as an example of what the dangers of technology poses. The parents let

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