Should Censorship Be Taught In Fahrenheit 451

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The novel Fahrenheit 451 should be taught in schools because it teaches us the importance of knowledge and how society can be interrupted by Ignorance, censorship, and by Distractions. Censorship was one of the major things throughout the novel, and Montag still questions and wonders whether the government has the right to censor books and reading. While the other people give him every other reason it’s important that books continue being burned and destroyed. In other words, to the people, books meant nothing to them, and thought books were bad. They never went against the whole burning of the books because they didn’t care. An example, of censorship, is restricting or hiding information so it cannot be accessed. Censorship was an important part of the novel because censorship makes people not think of themselves and were slaves to technology. This teaches us about …show more content…

People in their society and even now for that matter have become so addicted to technology and to the chase that they don’t pay that much attention to what’s going on around them. This has become a major problem such as people have turned into nontalking people that don’t associate with people who don’t care or think and that don’t voice their own opinion or perspective on things. An example of technology as a distraction is we don’t understand each other as we think we do and part of that we have all these distractions. Such as, emailing, texting, or talking online. We all get easily distracted and misunderstand what others may be saying. Therefore, in the novel, Ray Bradbury uses technology as a warning to us readers because the people in his society, and for that matter, people who lived in society are so controlled by the technology that was around them. In this case, there are so many opportunities for teachers at school to teach us, students, to question or wonder how this distraction of technology may be affecting our own

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