The Veldt Symbol Analysis

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In the present day world, everyone knows technology is a key factor in raising the next generation. Everyday tech advances, getting bigger and better and more helpful, but what would happen if it became too helpful? The kids are so spoiled the start to loathe their parents? In the short story “The Veldt” Ray Bradbury uses bad parents to illustrate how spoiling a child can turn a good kid into a bad one. In this short story, symbolism can be found almost everywhere. One of the most prominent uses of symbolism was the lions. The lions represented the rebellious actions of Peter and Wendy and the foreshadowing of the parent’s deaths. Bradbury writes “Mr Hadley looked at his wife and they turned and looked back at the beasts edging slowly forward crouching, tails stiff” (8). This supports the idea that the lions symbolize the foreshadowing of their deaths because they had heard screams and found bloody items of …show more content…

The nursery symbolized the distance that was growing between the parents and Peter and Wendy. George and Lydia became less and less of parental figures as the kids grew more and more attached to the nursery. The author writes “Peter looked at his shoes. He never looked at his father anymore, nor at his mother” (5). This is important because this illustrates how disrespectful the children are towards their parents. Peter threatens Mr Hadley multiple times and eventually this behavior can be recognized as foreshadowing of the planned deaths of the parents. Peter says “You can’t do that to the nursery, you can’t!” (7). When Peter says this, he talks about the nursery like it is a living being. To Peter and Wendy, the nursery became their surrogate mother and father. When their real parents become strict, they realized that they have the nursery and the house, and they use the nursery and the african lions to murder George and Lydia so Peter and Wendy could live with the nursery and be spoiled

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