Admirable By Gary Soto Analysis

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Admirable. Admirable means deserving respect and approval. In the story ¨The Marble Champ¨ by Gary Soto the main character Lupe Medrano is definitely admirable. The story is about Lupe a girl that's not good at sports trying to win a marbles tournament. To begin with, the reasons she is admirable are because she is intelligent, a good sport, and above all else determined. The first reason why Lupe is admirable is because she is intelligent. Intelligence is just a different word for smart and boy is Lupe smart. For example, she is a straight A student at the school. This proves she is intelligent because to get all A's she needed to work hard at school and pay attention. Another reason for why Lupe is admirable is she won many academic awards. Some of the many awards she has won are spelling bee champ, Winner of the reading contest, and blue ribbon awardee at the science fair. Even in the story, it states ¨Lupe had a razor sharp mind” meaning she is very intelligent.…show more content…
One of the many reasons Lupe is determined is that she practiced marbles a lot. This proves she is determined to practice and get better at marbles. Also, she never gave up even when the odds were against here. For example, in the text, it says ¨ a gust of wind blew dust in her eyes¨ this proves that Lupe was at a disadvantage. Even though she was at a disadvantage she stayed determined and pulled through. The final example is she is always determined to learn new things and get smarter. I can prove this because she learned marbles which were a new thing to her. All of these reasons prove my claim that the character Lupe is admirable. Being admirable is something you definitely want to be and after reading the Story “The Marble Champ” I can determine that Lupe Medrano is definitely an admirable character. Whether it's her Intelligence, good sportsmanship or, determination. I and so many others will always look up to
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