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In her novel, “Ads R Us”, the first character we are introduced to is Barrett and another key character is Taylor. Barrett is wealthy, inquisitive and very compliant. Taylor is an incredibly spoiled 12 year old girl who is very vain. TAYLOR is treated like a princess and has gotten everything she wanted all her life. She is completely influenced by the chattering world. She is asked to spy on Barrett to investigate the behaviours of someone who is untouched by advertising. You later find out in the book that she was adopted, and that is why her parents and family indulge her whim.

In the beginning of the book, among the first lines you hear are Taylor complaining about having to pick up her cousin Barrett, who would be living with her and
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Her only real pastime is watching shows like “ugly-d to teen queen”; to learn about the latest cosmetic surgeries which she then pester her parents to obtain for her.

Although Taylor is a main character, she is incredibly unlikable and her personality is designed to allow for slight character development and it can be used used by Claire Carmichael to cover the many plot Holes of her story.

Said character development includes becoming slightly less spoiled and


Barrett is quite a poorly developed character.

Barrett is polite and a rule follower to the extreme and he never does anything wrong until the very end of the book, where he shows a hint of rebellion. As a reader I found Barrett a more engaging and likeable character than Taylor. That said, if an author can make the audience dislike a character then that shows strong writing skills because clearly that was the intent.

Barrett is always quite optimistic, given the rough circumstances he finds himself in. He is always looking to learn more about wherever he is and intrigued by how modern things work. Barrett is an innocent character because he comes from an eco up-bringing sans the crass commercialism that Taylor
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