Adult Learning: The Importance Of Adult Education

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― Socrates
We start to learn from birth, we are genetically encoded to have certain predispositions and strengths. We use are environment to nurture these. Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Albert Einstein .From infant’s children rely on their mother and other adults as their connection with the surrounding world. They mimic and create schemas their frame work for lifelong learning to be built upon through life.
Dewey (1933-1998) who underpinned the Irish education system called for the education of children to be built on real experience. He wrote, "If you have doubts about how learning happens, engage in sustained inquiry: study, ponder, consider alternative possibilities and arrive at your belief
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With the constant change in the modern world, there is an emphasis on lifelong learning. The importance of adult learning increases with the development of a knowledgeable society, new technology and an ever changing work place. How we understand our motivation and the barriers in adult learning is therefore extremely relevant and not only in the area of education.
So how do we learn
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They know how to survive and succeed in their own ventures and have their own views on success. These views help in forming their motivations and barriers. There is no absolute knowledge, just their understanding of it. The gaining of knowledge requires them to reflect on the information. Using their past experiences, personal views, and cultural background to construct an explain the material that is being shown to us There is a noticeable close relationship linking learning and participation. Learning is strengthened by the need to participate over the need to be competent and is beneficial within adult education. This is where they can define their

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