Reflection Paper On Adult Learners

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Final Reflective Paper The decision to return to school is a significant step for adult learners, particularly after a long absence from formal learning, and there are many factors in making that decision. Perhaps to develop or achieve professional goals, higher career status, professional security, or to personal goals, such as, seeking knowledge and new skills. As adult learners, they bring lived experiences and develop knowledge to the classroom, most are self-directed, goal oriented, therefore, have different ways in approaching learning and may require particular learning environments. The unique aspects which are most salient for me are, first, the Andragogy theory (model); the idea of adult learners learning through enriched opportunities to collaborate in what they are learning and why they are learning it. The authors note, if the adult learner understands the value of what they are learning and it can be relatable to prior life experiences, they tend to be more motivated and retain the information. With that in mind, the importance of “climate setting” to provide mutual respect by actively collaboration with the adult learner in planning and the direction of lessons(Merriam, & Bierena, 2014). Second, the relationship of experiences and learning; how knowledge can be learned in the context of making connections to their life experiences. As adult learners learn new concepts or ideas it reinforces or lessens pass interpretations and/or outcomes, or in

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