Advantages And Disadvantages Of Management In The Manufacturing Industry

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1Preamble: The current production in manufacturing industries are distinguished based on the product range extension, high frequency in changing production programs, demand for constant improvement in the quality of products, production time shortening, need for constant increasing technological level of products and decreasing their manufacturing costs. With such a market demand and intensive development ofinformation, scienceand techniques, the level and trend in manufacturing industries are composed of factors such as type of blank, machining process, order of operations, machinery, operational and sequential procedures, tools, fixtures, measurements etc., by solving all these elements optimally , technological solutions…show more content…
Society and most of humanity Operation time and work handling time gets reduced Workers can be made free to take up other tasks Higher level jobs in development, deployment, maintenance and running of the automated process. 2.7.2: Disadvantages of Automation: Security threats / vulnerability Unpredictable / excessive development costs High initial cost. 2.8: Gripper: Grippers form the mimic of fingers. A gripper is a device that holds an object so it can be manipulated. It has the ability to hold and release an object while some action is being performed. The fingers are not part of the gripper, they are specialized custom tooling used to grip the object and are referred to as "jaws. Fig 2.8.1: Grippers in Different Form The most widely used gripper is the pneumatically powered gripper; it is basically a cylinder that operates on compressed air. When the air is supplied, the gripper jaws will close on an object and firmly hold the object while some operation is performed, and when the air direction is changed, the gripper will release the object. Typical uses are to change orientation or to move an object as in a pick-n-place operation Fig 2.8.2: Gripper
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