Logistics Essays

  • Healthcare Sector Definition

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    Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of diseases or injury. Nowadays, as people need to live without any illness, quality healthcare is crucial to any health system anywhere in the world. Quality has become important for customers when deciding on a service or product and it has been considered as a strategic advantage for organizations to gain and maintain success in the business world. Services are intangible and difficult to measure, so service quality depends on customer perceptions and expectations. The healthcare sector today has a highly competitive. The perceptions and expectations of patients are considered to be the major indicator to assess the service quality of healthcare

  • Essay On Importance Of Logistics

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    Logistics is the goods from the supplier to receive the entity flow process, according to the actual need, transportation, storage, procurement, handling, packaging, circulation processing, distribution, information processing, and other functions for the purpose of conforming customer requirements.

  • Logistics Sourcing

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    Discuss the business and legislative changes that resulted in an increased awareness of the sourcing of transportation and logistics activates.

  • Healthcare Delivery Model Analysis

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    A healthcare delivery model is a systematic approach of that aims at creating quality and better access to healthcare services. Different models exist but all are aimed at the same goals base their views on provision of care and the receiving of care. The model addresses both the patient and the caregiver as the main participants and aims to solve the issues they encounter. The care receiver being the main subject of model is the one who triggers all the consequent activities that are carried out within the requirements of the model. The care provider responds to the actions induced by the patient (Hughes, 2008). Therefore, the condition of the patient and the response of the caregiver is important in analysis of the healthcare delivery model.

  • EHR In Healthcare

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    Management is a very crucial part of each and every business organization in that it leads to increased utilization of business resources in the manner that would enable the business organization to be able to achieve the intended goals of the company. This is an indication that every operation that take place inside an organization has to be authorized by the management as it is the one which is responsible for making top decisions on behalf of the stakeholders and the workers at large. In order for the management to realize its purpose, it has to be carried out in a manner that is strategic. In this case, strategic management should be focused on so as to increase the chances of reaping the best in terms of success in management and control.

  • Supply Chain Utilization In Healthcare

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    Newly uncovered savings come not from reduced prices, but from eliminating waste, inefficiency, misuse, and value mismatches of the products, services, and technologies healthcare organizations employ. The following types of utilization misalignment are common in healthcare organizations.

  • Healthcare Worldview Paper

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    Religion plays an integral role in the healthcare setting. As such, healthcare givers are required to respect patients’ faith diversity while giving treatment and care. This paper thus seeks to discuss the differences between the Christian and Muslim religions as well as healthcare practices that are fundamental to both belief systems. The paper will also address the worldview questions outlined in Called to Care and thus provide a spiritual perspective on healing.

  • Logistics And Supply Chain Analysis

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    Logistics is crucial in any manufacturing process, retail businesses and other operations. Logistics is the management of flow of things from the starting point till the consumption to meet customers and company requirements. It connects all the stages from finding the raw materials to distributing the finished product.

  • Healthcare Informatics Swot Analysis

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    SWOT analysis is a study that is utilized by organizations to recognized internal strengths and weaknesses, in addition to external opportunities and warnings or threats. Using SWOTS in my future career within the healthcare informatics field to examine where I am in reaching my career goal, outline my strengths and weaknesses and using my internal strength such as work experience, leadership skills and external strength such as open opportunities in the field and enhancing my education to be able to qualify for any of those opportunities. On the other hand, I can come up with strategies to improve my weaknesses for example job hunting skills, low GPA and my lack of specific job knowledge and also threats such as competitors with superior

  • Third Party Logistics Essay

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    Abstract - Supply chain management has played a significant role in global market. The role of logistics in supply chain management is to provide plenty of significant improvements in industrial development. However, Third-party logistics activities such as transportation, warehousing, material handling and other value-added enable companies to get customized logistical support while manufacturers focus on the core organizational activities to achieve excellence. Third party logistics assists to supply right product in right time with right quantity to right consumers. The objective of this study is to statement the role of third party logistics in supply chain management and to understand the relationship between supply chain management and

  • HEDIS In Healthcare

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    The need for standardized quality measures has been evolving as insurances companies, patients and employers want more data driven health outcomes that improve patient health while reducing cost. The National Committee for Quality Assurance and the federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) along with CMS have been a leaders in utilizing evidence based methodologies and measuring quality outcomes to improvement health. The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is the most widely set of quality measures in the U.S incorporating quality measures across many domains of treatment identification strategy in the Initiation and Engagement measures, based on procedure, diagnosis codes and chart audits that is feasible

  • Nqf In Healthcare

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    The United States has made significant investments in healthcare quality measurement and improvement. The emphasis on quality measurement has been viewed as fundamental to systematically improving health system performance. Despite major efforts on the part of both public and private payers to drive quality improvement by mandating measurement and reporting, promoting and funding quality improvement initiatives in the health care delivery system, and attempting to identify and pay for comparatively higher quality, progress has been slow, limited and uneven.

  • Scope Of Practice In Healthcare

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    Healthcare is evolving and is the forefront of discussion in the United States with the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), shortages of providers, and a growing transformation in access to health care. One primary proposed solutions to the lack of providers and improvement in access to health care are to expand the scope of practice of those of the non-physician healthcare providers, such as nurse practitioners (NP). There are central debates in the discussion of nurse practitioners having the ability to practice independently to help close the gap; many states are responding differently to the proposition to increase the scope of practice of nurse practitioners. By giving NPs a greater scope of practice, it will address the shortage

  • Demonstrative Communication When A Nurse, Medical Assistant

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    Communication is difficult task, one person is sending a message and the other person is receiving that message. However, is the receiver getting the message that the sender intended? Unfortunately, in many cases miscommunication in conversation occurs whether it is verbal or non-verbal communication. People think differently about the way they speak, the way they position their bodies as they speak, and whether they are making eye contact or not with the receiver. Because people are raised differently, coming from different back grounds they are all brought up to have different beliefs as well as different ways of expressing themselves. For this reason it is essential for all people to learn proper communication

  • Retention In Healthcare

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    Without a doubt, retention remains a perennial problem for most large organizations; and in no other field is retention of qualified and dedicated professionals more critical to both the organization and its clients that the field of healthcare. Staffing hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities stands as a critical challenge due to the fact all patients need and deserve high-quality health care delivered efficiently and on time. The consequences are simply too great to consider any other possibility. Yet, hospitals and medical-care facilities seem to be suffering from a disease or high turnover rates as patient care providers leave for better opportunities or leave the field altogether due stresses caused by understaffing. Fortunately

  • Healthcare Team Roles

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    Physicians assistant’s are very similar to physicians, they are also key members of the health care team. Physician assistant’s are one notch below a physician. A physicians assistant’s training is similar to a physicians, but they do not complete internship or residency. Physician assistants can perform physical exams, order tests, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe

  • Role Of Conveyance In Logistics

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    The operation of conveyance determines the efficiency of moving products. The progress in techniques and management principles improving the moving load, distribution celerity, accommodation quality, operation costs, the utilization of facilities and energy preserving. Conveyance takes a crucial part in the manipulation of logistic. Reviewing the current condition, a vigorous system needs a clear frame of logistics and an opportune convey implements and techniques to link the caused procedures.

  • Medical Compliance Plan

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    Charfi Medical is implementing a compliance program to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. This compliance plan has a mission of providing quality patient care. The compliance plan’s objectives are to provide a proactive program that ensures full compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations especially HIPAA. The HIPAA Privacy Rule creates a base of Federal protection for personal health information, cautiously established to avoid creating unnecessary barriers to the delivery of quality health care.

  • Ebp In Healthcare

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    Understanding the Healthcare system can be very challenging due to the system is constantly changing from new technology manage care, health care reforms, aging populations and other economic factors that have a significant impact in the service provided. Understanding plays an important role in the health care system because the improving quality in the healthcare system requires the implementation of internationally and recognized evidence based guidelines and protocols. EBP is necessary to integrate the best research with clinical expertise and patient value to establish best health outcomes. We believe that openly outlining and understanding some form of theory that explains the reason for why an intervention may work to induce planned