Healthcare Worldview Paper

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Religion plays an integral role in the healthcare setting. As such, healthcare givers are required to respect patients’ faith diversity while giving treatment and care. This paper thus seeks to discuss the differences between the Christian and Muslim religions as well as healthcare practices that are fundamental to both belief systems. The paper will also address the worldview questions outlined in Called to Care and thus provide a spiritual perspective on healing.
Healthcare practitioners are supposed to provide care which meets the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of each patient. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the worldviews of the Christian and Islam religions. A worldview is a set of assumptions a person holds on the world in relation to their religion and experiences. As such Christianity and Islam provide different and unique insights on the world assumptions.
Christians believe that God is the creator and giver of life. Such is true for the Islamic faith where believers belief in Allah. The two religions see God as a prime reality with God being omnipresent. Additionally, the nature of the world revolves around the creation of the world in six days according to Christianity. Christians hold that after creating the world, God rested on the seventh day (Genesis, …show more content…

Through the Bible and its teachings, one gains the knowledge for moral beliefs as shown when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life, thereby becoming sinners. Besides, the Bible from commandments than man should observe, which provide the way to Heaven. Muslims, on the other hand, follow the Qur’an, a record of the exact words God spoke to Prophet Muhammad through Angel Gabriel. The Qur’an outlays the Muslim faith and practice as well as the fundamental relationship between Allah and His creations. The Qur’an provides that true Muslims should believe and do good deeds to other people for they will be rewarded in the

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