Why Is Blitzkrieg Important

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-Blitzkrieg, advancements in mass destructive weapons
In terms of WWII, the strategies and technology are more advanced than WWII. The new battle strategy of Blitzkrieg prevented the slow attrition war that happened in WWI. Besides, the new kinds of gases made the battles more deadly, also helped to kill the Jews in the concentration camps in a relatively high efficiency.


Blitzkrieg is an important war strategy that was applied by Nazi Germany. This word itself is the German term of “lightning war”, but it had not been known by the German army till 1939, when the war began. Until now, the origin of the word “Blitzkrieg” is still being disputed and most historians . This very strategy sent column to attack the behind enemy lines, using air raid, armored thrusts, motorized artillery and infantry in order to prevent the enemy to from fighting back.
In contrast, the trench warfare during WWII had already proved that fighting in trenches is a dirty and slow idea. Those trenches were full of mud, swarming with rats and lice and usually became full of water. Real fighting took up a relatively short time, instead there were prolonged stalemates that each army sent heavy artilleries to strike on each other. Usually, there were a lot of artilleries wasted and crossing the no-man’s land costed a high casualty. Besides, the hygienic …show more content…

They had more advanced wheels and trucks. Therefore, they were able to crush those European allies really rapidly. For instance, they crushed France and the Low countries in less than six weeks, making France could not offend Germany itself. Besides, despite the long route from Germany to Moscow, it took only six months for Germany to invade all the way to there. Since the war dispensed a lot of matériel and firepower in a short time, cities fell in just days with massive civilian

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