Why Did Hitler Choose To Bomb London Essay

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In this essay, the following question will be discussed. Why did the Nazis choose to bomb London instead of the English Airfields, and how did this hurt them strategically? The following evidence and reasoning will discuss why the Nazis decided to take the course of action they did, and how it affected them in their conquest of Europe.The research will primarily be focused on the reasoning, and strategic effects of this decision by the Nazis, but will also discuss how the British used this to their advantage, and eventually won the battle of Britain. All of of the sources to be used in this paper were written far after the Second World War explosively concluded. However, they do include the thoughts of people who lived during the time. The sources used are very diverse in format, and perspective. Section B: Summary of Evidence …show more content…

Churchill’s actions during the Blitz, such as helping clean up rubble, and publicly crying for victims of the bombings greatly increased his popularity, and gave him more power in Parliament. As a result, Churchill was able to expel all ideas that a deal could still be made with the Nazis. Also,the people of the United Kingdom themselves came out stronger, and more confident than they had been before the bombing. In essence, the bombing of London made the government of the United Kingdom stronger, and more effective. Also, the events enticed many people in the United States to change their opinion from neutrality to support of the British. This was one of the major reasons for more American material support being sent to Britain in 1941. On the side of the Nazis, they had thoguht that the bombing of London would be good for their image, after they managed to re secure Berlin, However, the luftwaffa was never able to completly protect Germany from the RAF. This

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