Rape's Argument Against Abortion

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Abortion is a topic that isn't typically written about because it is so touchy and controversial. Abortion is also knowing as a “termination of pregnancy” since it ends the birthing process of a child and the pregnancy of a mother. Many say abortion is the equivalent to murder and dangerous to a woman's overall state of health. Considered murder of a person, abortions are dangerous to a woman's health and the main stance for religious people is they believe that abortions go against God’s will. On the contrary, it is unfair to put that burden on a woman because her body is her own and is ultimately in charge of how to treat it. Each woman is different, and each are in a unique situation, because of this a woman, depending on her circumstances …show more content…

It is a touchy topic and showed be talked about as so. If a woman did not want the action, then therefore she is not responsible for the outcomes. Her decisions to deal with the situation should not be questioned. Rape can destroy a woman mentally and should not be forced to hold her attacker's child. A woman is usually pregnant for about nine months and the phycological effect it can have on a woman carry her rapist child can be a hardship nobody should be forced to bear. There will most likely always be two sides to the argument on whether woman should be allowed to have an abortion. Roe v. Wade was the ultimate deciding factor that helped the United States Supreme Court make abortions legal all the way until the later stages of pregnancy. According to Project Muse “Roe’s impact has also extended beyond the United States. Although the international movement for abortion law reform began years before Roe, and some countries, such as Japan, the Soviet Union, and Britain, have had legalized abortion since the 1950s, Roe both informed and was informed by a larger global movement to recognize women’s reproductive freedom and equality” (Chen 73). The 14th amendment is the "Reconstruction Amendment," it prevents any state to deny all people their rights to "life, liberty or property, without due process of law" or as well as to "deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." After that statement you must understand that it is law, it is stated under law that anyone is granted the right to choose what happens to their body and what direction they want their life to go in. Abortions should be accepted by society because it is always the woman's choice and the final decisions always belongs solely to

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