African American Civil Rights Obstacles

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Throughout history of the United States of America from as early back as it is available African American have suffered terribly at the hands of their white counterpart. According to website “the continent of Africa was deprived of its most valuable resource – its healthiest and ablest men and women.” Unfortunately for them their status changes as they now take on a name role – Slaves”. ( Marcus Mosiah Garvey a Jamaican born and Jamaica first National Hero stated that "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." I hold dear to me Garvey doctrine and philosophy and believe that it is not only possible but it can be done as he stated “up, you might race, accomplish what you will.” (afrobella). Civil rights activist faced insuperable obstacles, hardship, and in many instances death in order to try bring an end to socio-economic and racial equality; maybe not as ubiquitous but still exist today. Many American civil rights movement leaders were inspired by Garveyism such as Martin Luther King and the nation of Islam. …show more content…

African American majority in the Southern States even after the emancipation proclamation still encounter segregation, oppression, disenfranchisement and racial violence. (National Park Service) The “separate but equal” doctrine was the foundation for discrimination which shines light on the dilemma of the African American people. With white ultimatum to dominate society using their unsupported white supremacist belief to intimidate and dissuade African American from their rights civil rights activists had to take the necessary step to protect the black American

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