African American Model Minority

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During the immigration act of 1965 the Jewish and Asian-Americans focused on staying with their model minority representation. Many people thought that the African-Americans and Latinos can be a model and follow the lines of the Asian and Jewish Americans. The Asian and Jewish Americans focused on their individual drive and their family, education, occupations, and etc. many people think that the African-Americans and Latinos can easily follow that and become a model minority. What people don 't know is that the struggle that the African-Americans have to go through in order to even be nearly chosen to be a model minority. It is nearly impossible for an African-American to be embraced and known as a model model minority. Let 's start off …show more content…

Another example was Asian immigrants known as the "new" ones. Wasn 't easy for them to be in motto my Nordie and be at the top of the list and how the professional migration and family reunification. The policy documents that were demonstrated to the Asian Americans that we constructed their class was a total mess. Just Zinn stated in "or does it explode", " when the war ended, a new element into the racial balance in the United States that enormous, unprecedented upsurge of black and yellow people in Africa and Asia" this just shows how corrupt it was and how African-Americans and Asian people came in after the war and everyone expected them to be a model minority group. Even though they were a critique to others the racism didn 't stop, the structural representation of the Asians were heavily influenced on social problems. It 's kind of similar to the problem that the Jews in euro ethics white people had. The question rose up will became white because of the middle class and who came first and open the economic doors to the middle class status. There were many problems and issues with the Asian Americans in the Jewish Americans the many people don 't realize and really don 't know that it was nearly impossible for the African-American race to be a part of the model minority. That being said the model minority was not for everyone, especially for the African-Americans, and the new Asians that came in and migrated

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