The Story Of All America's Cultures By Luch Ji-Yeon

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American History Education Reforms The definition as well as the specific parts of accurate American history is a highly debated topic- especially in regards to educating children on American history. In “Let’s tell the Story of All America’s Cultures” by Yuh Ji-Yeon gives her point of view on the controversial topic of the success of American history education. As the author is a Korean immigrant she has a special connection to this topic, and is writing this article to giver her opinion in the debate of reforming education in America. Ji-Yeon successfully persuades the audience that American history education in the United States is discriminatory by using her personal experiences and emotions as she informs the audience of a possible solution …show more content…

“I never hear one word about how Asian immigrants were among the first to turn California’s desert into fields of plenty.[...] I never learned that Asian immigrants were the only immigrants that were denied U.S. citizenship even though they served honorably in World War I.” (Ji-Yeon, Paragraph 4) This example, while it connects specifically to the author was not as effective in persuading the audience due to Asian Americans being a very small, lesser studied minority in America, but the author really hits the mark when she speaks of how underrepresented black Americans are in history textbooks. “I never learned that black people rose up in arms against slavery.” She also speaks of Frederick Douglass: a famed abolitionist and statesman; W.E.B. Du Bois: an author. black scholar, and civil rights activist; and Nat Turner: who led an uprising against white plantation owners in Virginia just prior to the Civil War. These men are leading historical figures of black independence, and since she states she never learned about them she is really getting through to an American audience about the discrimination in the perspective students are taught about in history

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