Summary Of The End Of White America By Hua Hsu

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The author, Hua Hsu, believes the end of white America was put on a national spotlight when Obama was elected president, which is on the heels of the news of the majority minority switch that is supposed to take place in 2042. This switch would bring the relevancy of W.E.B Dubois, a civil rights activist, prediction of the problem of the twentieth century would be the color line, the race identification society asserts on individuals (Hsu 1). That reality, where the color line becomes a problem, comes to fruition with Donald Trump’s white nationalist views and his growing popularity. His ascendancy illustrates the problem of how we identify individuals and whether America will blur the boundary of race, where people are confined by the identity of race. …show more content…

From the early to mid-nineteenth century however, Hsu explains that immigrants aspired to be recognized as a “white American”. Therefore so the U.S wouldn’t be intimidated by them they tried to imitate them and eventually led them to assimilate into their new culture. A minority majority shift is imminent where the minorities will become the majority and the current majority will become the minority. With this in mind, although each culture wants to represent themselves, society will over time blend with one another and blur the lines of race (Salem 2). The conservative author, Salam mentions that there are no current politicians who endorse the melting pot ideal and believes that it’s a shame. These two differentiating views are what represents the problem that was largely unspoken of until Trump’s comments on

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