African American Racial Inequality

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A generation that played by the rules and see progress, fall out the middle class. This shrinking middle class harms people of color more than whites. For example, “the unemployment rate among black Americans is roughly twice that the population, whites, and black people earn, on average, between twelve through twenty-two per cent less than Caucasian people with similar education and experience are on top of the racial hierarchy, while variously shaded African Americans are below caucasian (Siaiecki). Thus Caucasians in socioeconomic position (class) and prestige (status)” (Gans). Although opponents claim racism, no longer exists, American society is still biased against people of color because they are more likely to be lower class, do…show more content…
Occourdantly to basic statistics, African American Poverty Rate: 24.1% (10.0 million people) since 2015. People of color do not get the same job opportunities. The research helps me find out why workplace inequalities were getting worse despite the civil right reforms enshrined in Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other subsequent laws. Researcher looked at a study on a team of upperclassmen that do Discrimination Research, a network of many of the top social scientists, lawyers, and policymakers who study the changing dynamics of employment discrimination. Legal studies Is an interdisciplinary field, so although most DRG participants are sociologists, the projects were often incorporate questions, concepts, and methods from outside…show more content…
Gross said “this was partly because homicide rates among black people are higher than among white people, and innocent black people are therefore more likely to get suspected and convicted of murder”. According to data from the FBI, 52% of murder victims in 2014 were black and 46% were white, and 53% of offenders were black compared to 45% who were white(Tanzina). African Americans imprisoned for murder are more likely to not be innocent if they were convicted of killing white victims. Only about 15% of murders of African American have white victims, but 31% of innocent African-American murder exonerees were convicted of killing white people”(Vox). The information came from Vox study showed me that there is a giant gap in society for people with color and injustice that we faced with an out of the prison. Mostly, it 's that white, rich upperclassman statements about us “being free” was a grammatical error because we can 't be free, if no one wants to support or give justice to our racial issues that been going ever since 1619. The federal racial categories have changed over time, in part reflecting the changing conception of race in the United States. The government standards are not always consistent with scholarly concepts of race or with concepts held by individuals and groups; as a result, it may be difficult to obtain data on race and ethnicity

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