African American Women In The 1930s

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The way of African–American women life in the 1930s could be consider as never escaping the slave life. The Great Depression in America had forced domestic service to be the form of employment for black women. Black women had two choices in that time to either live with the family who she slaved after for or live on her own. The slave life haunted the black women for centuries because of one reason which was being colored. The reason nobody cared or have to give in sympathy for those that endure a burden life. The only reason black women was able to reach to the north in the 1930s was to work as slaves again, since in the south there was a more of a demand for white workers for total segregation. The mule of the world are the black women …show more content…

After the years Janie was married to Logan Killicks she ask herself Does marriage bring love? As a black women who was searching for love she didn 't want to be alone. Some may consider it selfish, but Janie was forced into that marriage and there was no harm of trying to find some-type of love in a marriage where there was never love. According to society the meaning of marriage is that husbands and wives were meant to always loved each other, this thought occur to Janie 's mind and found some hope to find the love in a “dead” marriage. “Ah wants things sweet wid mah marriage lak when you sit under a pear tree and think, Ah…” (pg 41), Janie is chasing to become a pear tree that represents a passionate unity between nature and the world. With Logan, Janie is trying to find the sweet harmony within her marriage to be at ease with nature. She doesn 't care how much land Logan owns, all she wants from Logan is to find a connection between them. Janie tries to achieve her goal through the horizon where maybe some miracle might happen where strangers end up in love. The death of Nanny alerted Janie 's conscience where Janie saw pass the beauty and pleasure in the world and found gray dust around her world. In her marriage with Logan she knows some people were never meant to be in loved and marriage did not fortified love. “Janie 's first dream was dead , so she became a women.” (pg 42), Janie 's innocent dream of finding love with Logan is over, as a black women she …show more content…

The life of Janie is not bound to be enslave forever, she makes herself revolutionary for black women to have the same equality as black men because their eyes were watching God. Black women were entrusted with beauty as a blessing to masquerade the burden they must carried in their path. They have trusted God to obtain the will of strength for black women to never be silence again, to scrimmage against the supreme black men. Janie took an active role to fabricate the importance role of her gender, letting her hair out conveyed a message that she is a free spirit who 's soul cannot be in prison by the destruction of society. Janie 's soul is one that is connected within nature and can never be touched for her soul is syncing

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