Women's Education In The Antebellum Era

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Naden khaled Ms. Amanda 11C 22/2/2017 Women’s Education and Jobs in The Antebellum Era Although women in the antebellum era were far from seen as equal american citizens, many changes happened that affected the way that the community looks at women. From nothing to schools that helped them learn and help them get a bigger opportunity. Despite how great women are now, long ago they didn’t have the right to work or even to go to schools. Women were expected to sit at home take care of the kids and maybe take care of a farm if she had one. Before the civil war women had somewhat of an education. During the civil war women had to find jobs or maybe even try and make their own job, because men had to fight and women never knew if they would see…show more content…
From writing books to writing in newspapers. Paulina Wright Davis started the first journals made for women, Una (Una is the latin word unum, which means one). Maybe other women wrote some great books and changed people's lives. For example The Bonte Sisters written by Jane Austen. The Bonte Sisters was a great book that talked about how these three sisters had to work many jobs and suffer to get money to help their families, This book shows us the importance of women and how they always work hard and try to achieve all their goals although sometimes the community makes it impossible because they never provide things that women need , for example education or jobs they were always rarely found in a community that never understood the meaning of women.The famous read book was by a women Harriet Beecher Stowes Uncle Toms Cabin. The book talked about how slavery impacted a lot of people’s lives. Factories in Northeast Massachusetts hired women to work in those factories in producing cotton or making shoes. Many other types of women like african americans worked in jobs that belonged to houses for example cooking, cleaning and even taking care of…show more content…
Education was a great successes for a lot of women, many great women fought for their rights and helped bring back every woman's right. Many great women were once in this generation and suffered and had a lot of problems. For example Harriet Tubman, was a great women that wanted to achieve her goal by standing against slavery. Her education definitely. Despite all the education issues that might’ve been an obstacle for women. The antebellum era had a big and great effect on the whole world, however education wasn’t the only problem that the world faced during the antebellum era, many problems like slavery, hunger, discrimination and many more but in the end education is the only thing that might actually help in solving any of these problems. Women’s education and jobs helped create a healthy community. This was considered to be a huge success for women during the antebellum era. WORK CITED PAGE “Women in the Antebellum America.” History central. 2011.web.18 February 2017. Bryan, Dan. “The Antebellum Home and Women’s Culture (part 2).” American History USA. March 22, 2012.web. 18 February, 2017. Victoria E. Bynum. “Antebellum Women of North Carolina.” Tar Heel Junior Historian, NC Museum of History. 14 December, 2010.web. 20
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