Role Of Degrading A Woman

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Gisel Mendoza March 4, 2018 Mr. Miller AP English The Outcome of Degrading a Woman Historically, women have been seen as less valuable to society. Their roles were to have children and serve their husband. Many women are often victims suffering from physical abuse and political injustices. Society portrays them as submissive and silenced. Even though now women are able to join the workforce, they are still getting paid less than men. Despite America’s status as a civilized country, the degradation persists in too many ways. Most women are mistreated and taken advantage of because of how society portrays them as submissive and weak. However, women are far stronger than men thought to believe. Since the beginning, women’s ‘ jobs’ were to clean the house and to provide their husbands every need. And if any of them decided they wanted to pursue anything more than what their husband allowed, they were punished. They would get punished for wanting to do more with themselves and for trying to give their life more meaning. For example, in “Lecture Delivered at Franklin Hall”, Stewart says, “I can but die for expressing my sentiments…” (Stewart,303) Imagine being constantly abused for wanting an education or for wanting equality. Imagine serving a man
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