After Tiller Documentary Essay

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The documentary, “After Tiller” by Lana Wilson and Martha Shane is about three doctors that perform third trimester abortions. This documentary was made to help persuade the pro-life audiences into becoming more pro-choice. There are many ways that made the film effective, but there are also ways that it is ineffective. In one of the scenes of the film they introduce a women by the name of Dr. Shelly Sella. This doctor is talking to a soon to be mother and father. At 28-30 weeks into the pregnancy they found out that their baby would be born with a birth defect called Arthrogryposis; which means the baby will not be able to bend at the joints. The baby would never be able to eat or walk on its own and the mother said, “We would rather …show more content…

The doctors talk to the patiences about how this will affect them personally, and get to know the patients on a personal level. They're not doing abortions because they can but because there is a reason. The parents and doctors are trying to look out for the baby, they ask many questions to themselves like, will this disability affect the child when growing up? Will there be any on going health issues? Will the birth of this child result in more delicate care and time that they would not be used to? The mother says, “Guilt no matter which way you go. Guilt if you do what we are doing or if you bring ‘ em into this world and then she doesn't have quality of life,” (Wilson/Shane). The father prays saying, “When you left the room we/I prayed and said if I’m not supposed to be here, if we aren't supposed to do this give us a sign right now and we won't hesitate to get up and leave. I want the life for my child to be as good a chance of any,” (Wilson/Shane). This was to appeal to pro-life audiences because most are religious, even those these intentions of the director are somewhat effective, they are overall very

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