Planned Parenthood: An Argument Against Abortion

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I still remember the first Time I stood before a Planned Parenthood clinic for a few hours to support the right to life. I personally have performed many protesting actions against abortion. I have

picketed in front of Planned Parenthood.gone to pro-life masses. attended numerous right to life

conferences, and other pro-life actions. I do these things to support my beliefs, and extend support

to those who are confused and considering abortion.

At the abortion mill, we said the rosary together. We formed a continuous circle of people walking

around and around praying. We had mixed reactions from the crowd. Some people honked the

horn, followed by the thumbs up. Some people honked the horn, followed by a different finger …show more content…

Either way, my being there affected that person. This is just one way of aiding in the fight

against abortion.

Whenever I fight for life, I feel like I am making a difference. Anyone can make a difference, no

matter who they are. It is so easy to help in this just cause. Just your being there can make the

difference in a young woman’s choice for whether her baby lives, or dies. Most women who

consider abortion, do so as a last resort, or even against their will. When they show up at the clinic,

they are very unsure, and need guidance. Imagine being in her position, then seeing large numbers

of protesters gathered outside for such a just cause. This is the last chance for her to make the right

decision, and your presence and support may be the deciding

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