Attitude Towards Women

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This study examined the links between young adults’ traumatic experiences, types of aggression, attitude towards women and sexuality in young adults. It has been assumed that if an individual possesses negative attitude towards women; also has a permissive and instrumental sexual attitude and exhibits high physical aggression tendencies, then he/she might be a potent risk towards women in the society in the future.
Through this study, I tried to find whether one’s past traumatic experiences affect his/her attitude toward others in general and towards women in particular. If past traumatic experiences like enduring emotional neglect or abuse or even witnessing others undergo trauma impact the existing aggression levels and attitude towards women and sexual acts of young adults, it calls for examining such impact. Findings of studies in this direction may help us to identify such people and, therefore, appropriate measure would be taken.
Aggression, for any lay man, is basically angry or violent feelings or behaviour. In psychology, the term aggression refers to a range of behaviours that can result in both physical and psychological harm to oneself, other or objects in the environment. This type of social interaction centres on harming another person, either physically or mentally.
Baron & Byrne (2000) defined aggression as any form of …show more content…

According to Spence and Helmreich (1972) attitudes towards women include the expectations imposed on females that are focused on Vocational, Educational and Intellectual roles; Freedom & Independence; Dating; Courtship & Etiquette; Drinking, Swearing & Marital Relations and Obligation. The extreme ends of attitude towards women are conservative or traditional attitudes and liberal or feminist

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