Al Capone Rebellion Essay

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Since the beginning of time there have always been clicks and groups that were made up of people who had the same goals in mind or same interests. However, nowadays gangs consist mostly of people who commit the same type of crimes together that involve drug charges or murders. Gangs noticeably started getting their “bad image” beginning with a man named Al Capone. The rebellion started with the prohibition era. Al Capone was the most powerful gangster in Chicago during this era. The gangs or mobs of the 1920s and 30s sold alcohol illegally for huge profits. They were the forerunner of today's gangs who thrive on illegal drug profits”(p.40 Barden, Ronardo). Prohibition was a huge deal in this time, so in order to continue making a profit off…show more content…
Because of this, it represents that people who join gangs join because of the injustice they may feel they are facing. Because they were growing in “popularity”, Al Capone and his men decided that they should continue with their business, “in his private war against others who also wanted to bootleg liquor, he organized a gang of 1,000 men who “ran” Chicago. In the years 1926 and 1927 Capone’s gangsters were responsible for about 130 murders- most of them were connected to the illegal business of liquor” (pg.42 Barden, Ronardo). They could not help themselves from their illegal actions. This is relevant to today's gangs, because gang members work for one person or persons and they commit crimes that the main gang leader wants them to do or does as well. Members continue doing these acts because of the advantages they get. These advantages can range from “financial opportunity, identity status, peer pressure or just looking for fun and excitement”(pg. 40 Eghigian, Petrenko). Gangs do not want to be stopped, “ When prohibition was over they opened illegal gambling clubs and organized prostitution to make up for the loss of income from liquor. In time they began selling drugs”(pg.42 Bardem,
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