Alexander Hamilton And The Founding Father

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The term "Founding Father" is given to the men who fought for American liberation from Britain in the 18th century and proceeded to build an independent country from the ground up. Certain names are almost synonymous with the term founding father – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin for example. However, one man who embodied the American Dream before the term was even coined and had an enormous role in shaping America is Alexander Hamilton. Undoubtedly a lesser known figure to the general public, Hamilton is probably best known to most Americans for being on the 10-dollar bill. Hamilton was born in 1757 on the island of Nevis in the West Indies before he arrived in the colonies as an orphaned teenager, hoping to get a better education. Hamilton would go on to be a polarising figure, often clashing with Thomas Jefferson but ultimately finding himself as George Washington 's right-hand man. Hamilton was hugely influential in the Revolutionary War and developing a financial system for independent America. By discussing Hamilton 's life under the following headings: (A) early military career, (B) George Washington 's Staff, © Congress of the Confederation, (D) The Federalist Papers and (E) Secretary of the Treasury, I will make it clear that Hamilton 's legacy is still hugely relevant in modern day America. Hamilton was a student at King 's College (now Columbia) in New York until it closed in 1775 as a result of British occupation of the city. Hamilton
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