Alexander Hamilton: The Legacy Of Alexander Hamilton

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Immigrant, politician, and lyrical genius are three attributes that describe Alexander Hamilton. Many people know that Alexander Hamilton’s story transformed into a hit musical, but he was so much more. As a well known founding father, Alexander Hamilton showed Americans that they should stand for the change they believe in. He left a lasting legacy as someone who was constantly giving valuable ideas, working, and writing for most of his life. Hamilton had a quite normal early life, yet there was tragedy mixed in. Later in life, Hamilton claims he was born in 1757, yet some evidence shows to him actually being born in 1755. He was born in the British West Indies on an island called Nevis. His parents were James Hamilton, a Scottish trader, and Rachel Fawcett Lavien, who was of British and French descent. They also had another child together, James Jr. Hamilton, who was around 3 years older than Alexander Hamilton. Before Alexander or James Jr. Hamilton were born, Fawcett had been married to an abusive man, John Lavien. After the family moved back to St. Croix, James Sr. Hamilton found out about this and abandoned them. This left Fawcett Lavien and her sons impoverished, who were only little boys at the time. Later, in 1768, Rachel Hamilton would fall ill and pass away at age 38, when Alexander was only around 12 years old. His teen life was when he would truly shine through the darkness of his childhood. His teen years were almost as chaotic as
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